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Are e-resources accessible to all library users?

To see e-Resources available, please go to library website and click on link

Resources --> Electronic Resources


Can I borrow theses/dissertations/standards/patents?

No Theses/Dissertations/Standards/Patents are issued from library to any library member.

However, these are available online which can be accessed through library website library.nitrkl.ac.in

Can I bring my personal book in the library?

Personal Book is not allowed in the library.

All the users are supposed to keep the book / bag outside the library near the entrance of the library.

However, students can bring their personal book and study in General Reading Area (Side of the library).

How & Where to pay library dues?

You can pay the library dues by two methods:


You can pay online using the link mentioned below.



You can pay the library dues at Account Section.

How can I become member of Library?

Any student/staff/faculty becomes the member of library as soon as he/she joins the Institute.

A student / staff has to visit library as soon as he/she get the new institute identity card.

In library, he/she has to register at circulation counter to avail the library services.

For more details, you can contact

Circulation In-Charge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Send the mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How Do I borrow reference books?

No reference book can be borrowed by any library member.

However, it can be issued in to faculty only on written request for 2 days.

How Do I recommend a book for purchase in the library?

Faculty can recommend the book to purchase in the library by two methods:

  1. During Book Fair/Exhibition which is conducted every year, a faculty can recommend books to purchase in the library through Book Indent Form.
  2. Faculty can also send an e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) along with detail of book such as Title, Author, Publisher, Edition etc. to purchase in the library.

For any detail, please contact on 2107 (Acquisition Section).

How Do I reserve the book on-line?

You can reserve the book online. Follow the instruction mentioned in the PDF file.


How many times I can renew books online?

A user can renew books online maximum two times after issue of books from the library provided book is not reserved by any library member.

How to autoissue-return books?

Step I

To issue the book with Self Issue/Return KIOSK, one has to bring the book from stack and place the book and ID Card on the deck.

Step II:

Then, touch the 'Check Out' button.

It will fetch the details of books and your details and display on the screen.

Step III:

Once you confirm that everything OKAY, then, click on EXIT

Finally, Books will be issued.

It will generate the slip.

Collect the slip, book and ID card from deck.


How to Renew books Online?

Please see the link given below for detail.


Loan Privileges & Fine

Privileges & Duration:

Users Category 

General Books

  No. of Books   |   Issue Period
Faculty / Officers 6                         21 days
 Ph. D. 6                         21 days
 U.G./P.G. 4                         21 days
Non Teaching Staff 2                         21 days


Library Fine Policy:


No. of Days

Fine (In Rs.)

1 - 21 NIL
                            22-28 1.00
                            29-42 5.00
             43rd days onwards 10.00 


What is the timing of issue/return in the library?

General Timing of the Issue/Return in the library is as follows:

Monday to Friday - 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays & Declared Holidays by NIT Rourkela - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Books can be issued by two methods.

1. Books can be issued from Circulation Counter at Ground Floor manually.

2. Books can be issued through Self/Issue Return KIOSK kept at Ground Floor.


What should I do If I dont get book on shelf?

If you don't get the book on shelf, you must inform the library staff for help.

Staff will help you in finding out the book from the shelf or any other location kept separately.

What type of documents are kept in the reference section?

Generally, Reference Section includes reference books such as Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Handbook, manual etc. and also the books which are recommended to keep as reference copy.