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Privileges & Duration:

Users Category 

General Books

  No. of Books   |   Issue Period
Faculty / Officers 6                         21 days
 Ph. D. 6                         21 days
 U.G./P.G. 4                         21 days
Non Teaching Staff 2                         21 days

 The following amendments have been made on Library fine & Book replacement policy w.e.f. 02-01-2015

Library Fine Policy:


No. of Days

Fine (In Rs.)

 1 - 21 NIL
                      22-28 1.00
                      29-42 5.00
        43rd days onwards 10.00 
If a book is not returned or settled within 90 days, the library will unilaterally compute the replacement cost along with 90 days fine (Rs.557/-) plus processing charge and claim it from the patron through semester dues or deduction from salary.


Replacement of Book

    • If the user loses/damages a book, he/she has to return the exact/latest edition of the book to the BPCL with admissible fines and processing fee.
    • A Xerox or photocopy of a book shall not be acceptable in lieu of a printed book.
    • A soft cover or low priced edition will not be accepted in lieu of a hard cover edition.
    • If the user loses one volume of a multi-volume set and is unable to replace the lost volume, he/she has to pay the cost of the entire set of volume with admissible fines and processing fee.
    • In case out of print books, minimum of Rs. 500/- or the publishers price/from renowned website like Amazon etc. whichever is higher plus fine and processing fee. In case of foreign books, the price paid will be calculated in foreign currency and converted to Indian rupees at current rate of conversion. If the user chooses to replace the book by a second hand copy, the library may accept it or at the discretion of the HOD library considering the condition of the book.
    • In case of obsolete or otherwise difficult-to-convert currencies, US $ will be taken as standard.
    • The processing fee will be 20% of purchase prices of the book (in foreign currency, if applicable) or Rs.100/- whichever is higher.
    • In case of loss of rare/valuable books director may impose more fines/disciplinary action in conjunction with above rules with the recommendation of the HOD, BPCL.