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General Instructions:

Following shall be the new guidelines of students book purchase. All students and concerned officers are requested to note the changes.

  1.  Unlike previous practice, the students must buy text and reference books only. Purchase of competitive examination books, preparation and other general books is discontinued.
  2. Text and reference books must be purchased from pre-approved list. Book Purchase Committee will process list of books before October 25 and March 31 every year. All books listed in the books of curricula and syllabi are admissible. Supplementary list will be published by the professor-in-charge Book Purchase Committee, Prof. S. N. Alam, MM from time to time.
  3. In addition to books listed above, the student may request (prior to buying the books) inclusion of additional books in the list. These books shall, necessarily, be related to one of the subjects the student is registered for. He may purchase such books after receiving approval of the PIC, Books Purchase Committee.
  1. Carry forward of books fee is possible, up to Rs.2000. Any accumulation beyond Rs.2000/-will lapse. In other words, a student may skip one semester, but must buy his books in the following semester.
  2. A student may buy books from any source at any time. There is absolutely no restriction on his source of purchase, as long as it is a legally sanctioned vendor of new books. Procurement of old /used books from any source or procurement of new books from such vendors of old books is not permitted.
  3. Book fairs will be held only as an extra facility. The student shall be under no compulsion to buy books from the book fairs or from any specific vendor.
  4. The institute encourages (but does not insist) purchase of books from the institute book store behind Rengcol Canteen. The spirit behind this preference is that if the campus book store does more business, it will display more books and all of us will be benefitted.
  5. Students may also buy books from Internet shops such as http://www.flipkart.com/, http://books.rediff.com/ or any other on-line source, or from any shop in India or abroad.
  6. Following procedures shall, however, be mandatory:
    1. Books must be from approved lists, announced in advance.
    2. Books purchased (physically) and receipts (including printout of receipts from internet vendors) need to be produced before designated staff for stamping by the institute authorities at designated time and place. Stamping shall be done by library staff on all Wednesday during normal library opening hours only. If Wednesday is a holiday, the same will be done on the next working day.
  7. A receipt against book purchased may be in one of the following two states:In case of book purchase from registered local vendors, the following shall be the procedure, except when the student chooses to pay him directly and secure a receipt.
    1. Paid by the student: In such a case the student will get credit for the amount paid towards his next semester dues. Only in final semester the balance money will be credited to the students account in bank.
    2. Unpaid by the student: In that case payment will be made directly to vendors by the institute (applicable to registered vendors only).
  8. In case of book purchased from registered local vendors, the following shall be the procedure,
    except when the student chooses to pay him directly and secure a receipt.


  • The student will select the books and ask the vendor to get them before a given date. He signs a slip with the vendor agreeing to buy the book if the vendor brings it before the date specified.
  • The vendor brings the book, gets it stamped and delivers to the student.
  • The student signs a receipt.
  • The vendor presents it to the institute and gets paid.
  • Part delivery is allowed.
  • If the vendor brings the book late, the student is not obliged to accept it. But he can asked the date of he wishes to.
  • Once book is stamped, the student is obliged to accept it.

12. Flat discount of 20% will be given by all registered vendors. Click here for the list of Registered Vendors