Print Resources:

Biju Patnaik Central Library (BPCL) develops collection with the objective to enrich the knowledge of the NITR academic community through Books, Journals, Bound Volumes, and Theses (print), e-Journals, e-Databases, e-Books, e-Theses, Audio-Visual materials, CD-ROMs, Patents, Standards and much more.


The Central Library has a collection of over 86,000+ books in the area of Science & Technology, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences and related subjects based on selection by Faculty and Students of NIT Rourkela. Beside these, BP Central Library has also many kind of reference books.

Print Journals:

Biju Patnaik Central Library is subscribing 80 Print Journals for the academic and research needs of the NITR academic community. Besides these, the library is receiving many complementary copies of journal/magazine/newsletter/leaflets etc which are may useful to the community. Both the subscribed and complementary copies are displayed in journal stacks first floor. Some additional complementary copies are also displayed in journal stack in 2nd floor. The following is the subscribed list of journals by BPCL. 

To download the list of print periodicals for the year 2018, click here