Library Team

Name and Designation

Role and Responsibility

Prof. Seemita Mohanty

Professor - Dept. of HSS

Chairperson Library

Phone: +91-661-2462692


    Policy & Decision Making (Functional Relationship)

Mr. Dibya K. Pradhan
  HOD, Assistant Librarian

Phone: +91-661-2462102

hod-lb[at]; library[at]


  • Responsibilities of Library Headship
  • Overall Supervision
  • Assist all the staff in executing the works
  • Reporting, Statistics, User Education & Awareness

Dr. Bhojaraju Gunjal

Deputy Librarian

Phone: +91-661-2462101

bpcl-acq[at]; gunjalb[at]

  • Acquisition and Technical Section Management
  • Faculty Profile Management (IRINS), Library Survey
  • Library Data Management for Reporting, Statistics and Visualization
  • Library Website, LibGuide, Blog, Social Site Management

Mr. Vinod K. Mishra

Assistant Librarian

Phone: +91-661-2462103

bpcl-jrl[at] (Journal)

bpcl-cir[at] (Circulation)


  • Periodical Section Management (E-resources & Print-periodical)
  • Circulation Section Management
  • Library Automation, Software, RFID Device Management
  • AV Materials Management, User Education & Awareness

Ms. Puspita Mishra

Assistant Librarian

Phone: +91-661-2462107

bpcl-dig[at]; mishrapuspita[at]

  • Digital Section Management (IRs, DMS, Digitization (OAOB), Digital Library)
  • Library Infrastructure Management, (Building, IT, Services/Facilities)
  • Research Support/Reference Service, Thesis, & Back Volume
  • Duty chart, Out-source Staff Management

Dr. Kshirod Das

Technical Assistant (SG-II)

Phone: +91-661-2462105


  • Periodical Section (E-resource & Print-periodical)
  • Circulation Section
  • Library Website, LibGuide, Social Site Management
  • Research Support/Reference Service

Mr. Sanat Kumar Behera

Technical Assistant

Phone: +91-661-2462106


  • Acquisition and Technical Processing Section
  • Digital Section Management (IRs, DMS, Digitization (OAOB), Digital Library)
  • Faculty Profile Management (IRINS, & DMS) and Blog
  • AV Material, Thesis, & Back Volume

Mr. Pramod Oram

Assistant (SG-II)

Phone: +91-661-2462100


  • All Library Office Related Tasks

Mr. Babula Sethi

Sr. Attendant - II

Phone: +91-661-2462100

  • Library Circulation, Office Routine Works etc.

Mr. Ajit Kumar Soy

Sr. Attendant-II

Phone: +91-661-2462100

  • Library Circulation, Office Routine Works etc.