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Library Sections:

Biju Patnaik Central Library functions smoothly with the support of following Sections:

Acquisition Section: (Location: First Floor)

This section is mainly responsible for acquisition of books. This section procures the documents by two methods:

Book Exhibition:

BPCL organizes book fair once in a year in which Vendors from all parts of the country participate and display their books. The faculty of different departments visits the Book Fair and recommends the books. Based on the recommendation, the library interacts and places orders with selected suppliers.

Direct Method:

The library collects the direct recommendation also from faculty reviewed by FLR and HOD. Based on the recommendation, the library interacts and places order with selected suppliers.

Further, the books are accessioned in the section and transferred to the Technical Processing Section for cataloguing, classification, and indexing & database entry.

Technical Section: (First Floor)

This section is mainly responsible for processing of procured books and playing a role of bridge between Acquisition and Circulation Section. The section classifies the documents, catalogues them and finally sends these books for display in New Arrivals Display Area for a week.

This section generates the list of new arrival of books which includes bibliographic details and circulates through group mail to all users of NIT Rourkela.

After one week, the displayed books are shelved and new books processed last week, are displayed again in Display Area. This continues every week.

Circulation Section: (Ground Floor)

This section is mainly responsible for circulation of documents in the library to the users. It plays a role of bridge between users and books. The following tasks are performed by this section:

  1. Membership Registration
  2. Issue/Return
  3. Reserve/Renewal
  4. Issue No-dues Certificate
  5. Overdue Fine Collection
  6. Book Reservation
  7. Alert Services such as overdue, collect notice etc.

 Periodical Section (Location: Second Floor)

This section is mainly responsible for procurement of print journals and e-resources (abstract & full text). E-Resource includes the Full Text Databases and Abstract/Citation Databases.

The following tasks are taken care by this section:

  1. Print Journals Subscription
  2. E-Resources subscription and its management (Full Text & Abstract Databases)
  3. E-Books Subscription & its management
  4. Bound Volume Management

Digital Resource Centre: (Location: Ground Floor)

This section is mainly responsible for management of the following:

  1. Library Website: Design & Development
  2. E-Newsletter (Every months)
  3. New Arrival List circulation every week on Monday
  4. Management of Digital Repository Platform (DSpace, EPrints)
  5. Conducting User Education Programme (UEP)
  6. Liaison with departments for educating them about services and resources
  7. Reference Service & Research Support Programme
  8. Development and management of Android Application
  9. In house training for library trainees & staff
  10. High-end scanner management for scanning of Odiya books

Reference Section: (Ground Floor)

This section is mainly responsible for providing the information related to library activities, resources, services and new initiative taken @ BPCL. The section provides the following services:

  1. Ready reference service on requested query : on the spot and through email as well
  2. Information on Research Related Queries
  3. Information about library services
  4. Information about library resources
  5. Information about Infrastructure development
  6. Information about new initiatives being taken @ BPCL