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Library catalog can be searched within or from outside the library. Inside the library OPAC stations and Information KIOSK are available to search books. From outside the library, users can search library catalog using this link: Library Catalog.

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To get access to all subscribed e-books by Biju Patnaik Central Library (BPCL).

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How to Locate Industrial Design Books in Library?

Biju Patnaik Central Library uses Dewey Decimal Classification system and simple author code to classify books. 

A class number is a simple number used to identify & locate books in the library. 

Example: 745.2 Industrial Design Engineering.

An author code are simple letters used to identify titles written by a different author, like first three letter of the title of author / first letter of the title of the book. 

Example: a book titled Industrial Design Engineering written by Gary Baker and author code is: BAK/I

The complete Call no. would be :
745.2   --- Class No.
                                                BAK/I   --- Author Code / First letter of the Book title
                                                74425     --- Accession No.

Below are select list of topics and their respective call nos. of books related to Civil Engineering.

Call No.         Subject Groups

620.0042      : Engineering Design/ Linear Programming

658.56          : Product Control/ Packaging/ Waste Control
658.5752      : Product Design
660.2812      : Process Design
670.285        : Computer Aided Analysis & Design
670.427        : Industrial Automated Systems /Manufacturing Technology
670.4272      : Robot technology
670.4275      : Industrial Control Systems Design
745               : Design Future/ Pure & Applied Design & Decoration

Latest Arrival of Books & Journals

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The Latest issue of print journals are available in the Central Library (Periodical Display Area - Ground Floor).

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How to Search Journals and Articles? 

To get access to all subscribed e-journals by Biju Patnaik Central Library (BPCL). Follow the procedure: Open Library Website > Electronic Resources > Choose either Abstract Database / Full-text Database > Click on the required database and use simple/advanced search option to search articles.

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Print Journals and Magazines

Library subscribes following print journals on this subject. These are displayed in the New Arrivals display area (at Ground Floor).

No.  Title                                                                                   Publisher
  1. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Physics                     Misbah Qadir, Bhopal

  2. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research                   NISCAIR, New Delhi

  3. Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A    Institution of Engineers (India)

E-Journals (Subscribed by NIT Rourkela)

American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society (ACS) is the leading publisher of peer-reviewed research journals in the chemical and related sciences. Click here for the list.

American Society of Mechanical Engineer
The American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME) provides peer-reviewed papers that serve as a permanent technical record of mechanical engineering and related research and development. The online versions of the ASME Journals are of the ASME Digital Library. Click here for the list.

Elsevier's Science Direct
Science Direct provides desktop access to the full text of hundreds of journals published or distributed by Elsevier Science. NITR has access to 40 e-only subscribed journals with five current subject collections. Click here for the list.

With weekly periodicity, Nature is an international journal publishing original, groundbreaking research spanning all of the scientific disciplines, like Articles, Letters to Nature and Brief Communications. Click here for the list.

Science Online
Science is the world leading journal on original scientific research, global news, and commentary. The Science journals articles consistently rank among the worlds most cited research.  NITR has access online to the following content. Click here for the list.

Springer Link
Springer Link is one of the worlds leading interactive databases for high-quality STM journals, book series, books, reference works and the Online Archives Collection. Springer Link is a powerful central access point for researchers and scientists. NITR has access to e-journals, eBooks, eBook Series. Click here for the list.

Taylor & Francis
Taylor & Francis publishes journals in different dicipline Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Science, Technology and Medicine areas. Click here for the list.

Wiley Online
Library  Wiley Inter Science is a leading international resource for quality content promoting discovery across the spectrum of scientific, technical, medical and professional endeavors. The NITR subscribes the 23 Core and Customized Journals of various disciplines of user interest. Click here for the list.

Full list of E-Resources
Follow these link and choose e-resource type to see full list of e-resources on your subject.

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Online Database

An online database is a database accessible from a local network or the Internet. Online databases are hosted on websites, made available as software as a service product accessible via a web browser. They may be free or require payment, such as by a monthly subscription. Some have enhanced features such as collaborative editing and email notification. (Wikipedia)

The Online database is basically to give access to particular journal title you are seeking. Searching the table of content, bibliographic details and abstracts are possible using these databases. Further accessing of full-text of journal articles via campus computers using these subscribed databases. Click here to explore more on Electronic Resources.

Abstract Databases (Subscribed)


It covers research in mathematics and mathematically related research in statistics, computer science, physics, operations research, engineering, biology, and other disciplines, and indexes 1800 serials and journals. 

SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder Scholar is a research discovery tool that allows college students and faculty to access a wide diversity of research from many scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science and more.  SciFinder Registration Procedure.


Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. It’s designed to find the information scientists need. Quick, easy and comprehensive, Scopus provides superior support of the literature research process. You can spend less time mastering databases and more time on research. It has 33 million abstracts as of now.

Web of Science

The Web of Science (formerly Web of Knowledge) is today's premier research platform, helping you quickly find, analyze, and share information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.


Patent Basics
What is patent ?

A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. In other words, a patent is an exclusive right to a product or a process that generally provides a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. To get a patent, technical information about the invention must be disclosed to the public in a patent application.

Open Access Patent Search Sites
Patent Databases

NIT Rourkela is having access to following patent resources.


Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. It’s designed to find the information scientists need.

Web of Science

Web of Science is an online subscription-based scientific citation indexing service maintained by Thomson Reuters that provides a comprehensive citation search. Patent information can be searched using this product. Follow the procedure to search patent; Select All Databases -> Search your related term -> Select Document Type "Patent" from Refine Result -> Click on Analyze Results -> Select Analyze -> View Records.

What is a Standard ?

Standards are officially approved benchmarks aimed to ensure that goods and services meet the minimum set limit. They cover ranges like; Design, Performance, Quality, and Safety.

The Library has access to BIS (Indian Standards) and also subscriptions to the American Society for Testing and Materials.

American Society for Testing and Materials.

ASTM International is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards. Today, over 12,000 ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance health and safety, strengthen market access and trade, and build consumer confidence.

Bureau of Indian Standards (Indian Standards).

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the National Standards body of India which has been successfully promoting and nurturing standards in the country since 1947. With over 500 qualified technical and scientific personnel and more than 25,000 experts voluntarily associated with standardization activities, BIS has formulated around 19,000 standards in various technological and industrial areas

Evaluating Information on Web

Directory of Open Access Books(DOAB)
DOAB is the directory of open access books provided by OAPEN Foundation in cooperation with SemperTool. All the publications are in open access and meet the academic standard.

Bookboon.com was established in Denmark in 1988, under the name Ventus, and has always focused on publishing educational material for students and business professionals.

Open Textbook Library
The Open Textbook Library provides a growing catalog of free, peer-reviewed, and openly-licensed textbooks.

E-Books Directory

E-Books Directory is a daily growing list of freely downloadable electronic books, documents and lecture notes found all over the internet. This site has 9563 free e-books in 669 categories.

HathiTrust Digital Library

HathiTrust is a partnership of the leading research institutions and libraries working to ensure that the cultural record is preserved and accessible long into the future.



IntechOpen is an open access publisher of academic books in the fields of science, technology and medicine (STM)

Million Book Project

The Million Book Project was a book digitization project, led by Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science and University Libraries. Working with government and research partners in India (Digital Library of India) and China.


Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
DOAJ is a community-curated list of open access journals and aims to be the starting point for all information searches for quality, peer-reviewed open access material. 
Following are the journals in this subject area:

International Journal of Design
The International Journal of Design is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published in all fields of design, including industrial design

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (JSIR)
JSIR oldest journal of NISCAIR carries comprehensive reviews in different fields of science & technology (S&T), including industry, original articles, short communications and case studies, on various facets of industrial development, industrial research

Open Access Educational Videos and Courses.
Open Access Educational Videos and Courses.
  1. Coursera
  2. Educator
  3. Khan Academy
  5. Lynda.com
  6. edX
Use of e-Resources at NIT Rourkela: Usage Policy

Usage Policy

  • Electronic resources such as e-journals, e-databases, e-books made available by the Central Library, NIT Rourkela are for academic use.

  • These resources can be searched, browsed and material may be downloaded and printed as single copies of articles as is done in the case of printed library material. Downloading or printing of a complete book or an entire issue or a volume of one or more journals (called systematic downloading) is strictly prohibited.

  • Use of robots, spiders or intelligent agents to access, search and systematically download from these resources is also prohibited.

  • Please be aware that systematic downloading will cause the publisher to block to the entire community of users @ NIT Rourkela from accessing these resources.

The INDEST-AICTE Consortium subscribes to thousands of electronic journals and bibliographic databases for use by authorized users in member institutions. The terms and conditions for using these resources are spelled out in electronic resource license agreements with each publisher. It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure that the use of electronic resources does not breach the terms and conditions specified in the license agreements. Licenses vary from publisher to publisher; however, the general principles are as follows:

Actions that are permitted

  • Viewing, downloading, copying, printing and saving a copy of search results.

  • Viewing, downloading, copying, printing and saving individual articles.

  • Using these e-resources for scholarly, educational or scientific research, teaching, private study and clinical purpose.

  • Sending a copy of an article to another authorized user (i.e. current faculty, students or staff).

  • Posting the URL to the publisher's version of the article on a class website (publisher links will allow only authorized users access)

Actions that are not Permitted

  • Use of robots or intelligent agents to do systematic, bulk or automatic downloading is not permitted.

  • Systematic downloading or printing of entire journal issues or volumes, or large portions of other e-resources is not permitted.

  • Using e-resources for commercial gain is not permitted (i.e. reselling, redistributing or republishing licensed content).

  • Transmitting, disseminating or otherwise making online content available to unauthorized users (i.e. sending to mailing lists or electronic bulletin boards) is not permitted.

  • Posting the publisher's version or PDF of an article to an open class website is not permitted (instead, post the URL to the article which will allow only authorized users access).