Library Advisory Committee Members :

Name Role Department E-mail
Prof. S. K. Sahoo Chairman/PIC Biju Patnaik Central Library (LB) sks[at]
Mr. V. K. Mishra Member Secy./HOD Biju Patnaik Central Library (LB) mishrav[at]
Prof. Nandini Sarkar Member Biotechnology & Medical Engg (BM) sarkarn[at]
Prof. Arun Chowdhury Member Ceramics Engg. (CR) arunc[at]
Prof.R.N.Behera Member Civil Engg. (CE) beherarabin[at]
Prof.Akhilesh Sahu Member Chemical Engg. (CH) sahuak[at]
Prof. Gokarneswar Sahoo Member Chemistry (CY) sahoog[at]
Prof. Sujata Mohanty Member Computer Science & Engg. (CS) sujatam[at]
Prof. K. K . Osuri Member Earth & Atmospheric Science (ER) osurik[at]
Prof. Paresh G. Kale Member Electrical Engg. (EE) pareshkale[at]
Prof. Hemant Sharma Member Electronics & Communication Engg.(EC) sharmah[at]
Prof Sushi I K Singh Member Food Process Engg. (FP) singhsk[at]
Prof.Sthitapragyan Ray Member Humanities & Social Sciences (HS) raysp[at]
Prof. D S Bisht Member Industrial Design (ID) bishtd[at]
Prof. Srinivasan Muthuswamy Member Life Science (LS)  
Prof. S. Kaya! Member Mathematics (MA) kayals[at]
Prof. Haraprasad Roy Member Mechanical Engg. (ME) royh[at]
Prof Ajit Behera Member Metallurgy & Material Sc. Engg. (MM) beheraajit[at]
Prof. D. S. Nimaje Member Mining Engg. (MN) dsnimaje[at]
Prof. Pawan Kumar Member Physics & Astronomy (PH) pawankumar[at]
Prof. Nabanita Saha Member Planning and Architecture (PA) sahan[at]
Prof. S.H.Uzma Member School of Management (SM) uzmas[at]
Dr. B. Gunjal Member Biju Patnaik Central Library (LB) gunjalb[at]
Mr. D. K. Pradhan Member Biju Patnaik Central Library (LB) pradhandk[at]
Mrs. P. Mishra Member Biju Patnaik Central Library (LB) mishrapuspita[at]
Mrs. S. Sahoo Member Biju Patnaik Central Library (LB) swagatikas[at]

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