Visitors Feedback

SN Name of the Visitor From (Institute Name) Feedback
1. Taco Late Instituto Superiour Telnico

Very impressive collection. I was also very impressed with the local heritage. 

2. Paulo Pereira Faculdade De Arguite Ctura Lisbon

Impressive Collection, good organization and like to see the own technology being put to use in the check out process.


3. Luisa Reis Paulo Faculdade De Arguite Ctura Lisbon

Impressive collection and technology of organization, information of the process. I like the possibility of having a wide range access to the collection. 

4.  S P Reanandej Universidade of Lisbon

Very interesting and impressive collection of books. I was impressed also with the organization process. 

5. Shrikant P. K. College of Engineering Mumbai

Very useful library repository facility for old odia books with facility for searching 1000+ research scholars. 

6. Priya Chandra Mishra Deptt. of Metallurgy, NITRKL, 1986

The system of issuing books and returning with security system was very appreciated well development in 50 years. 

7. Subash Chandra Padhi Deptt. of Metallurgy, 1972 Batch

The new building is having the old books and the new digitization is welcome step. A good library is an essential requirement for a good institution.